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Concrete screws are an indispensable technology in construction

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Concrete screw refers to the concrete screw used in concrete construction, including water-stop concrete screw, ordinary concrete screw, etc., because these concrete screws are built with the formwork wood for concrete pouring, so it will be called concrete special water-stop screw, in the actual construction operation, the construction effect is significantly so dedicated, and the process mode has been continuously improved. Water-stop concrete screw and ordinary concrete screw as a concrete formwork to build the material, water-stop concrete screw has the role of water-stop, waterproof, and ordinary concrete screw does not, so according to the process requirements of the shear wall to decide, whether to use water-stop concrete screw or ordinary concrete screw.

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l The process of concrete screws

l Three-stage waterstop concrete screw structure

l Three-stage water-stopping concrete screw vertebral body connection

set screw cup point

The process of concrete screws

In the actual concrete pouring, to distinguish the nature of the wall, such as the external wall, the inner wall, the load-bearing wall, etc., each wall has its own requirements for use, in the early stage of civil engineering, there will be accounting work in advance, that is, for different walls to carry out different material accounting, and only in this way, the construction is orderly, because the different shear wall requirements are different, such as the external wall requirements just said are waterproof, then you must use a water-stopping concrete screw, the inner wall, the load-bearing wall can not contact the water source on the ordinary concrete screw on the line In addition, columns, ring beams, etc. can use ordinary concrete screw support molds, and can also use step-by-step tight support molds, etc., according to the actual situation, but also depends on the material situation on site.

Three-stage waterstop concrete screws structure

At present, the construction project is commonly used is a new type of water stop concrete screw, we call it a three-stage water stop concrete screw, by an intermediate concrete screw connected to two symmetrical end concrete screw composition, the middle concrete screw is equipped with a water stop and two stops, the end concrete screws is equipped with a tightening thread and equipped with a fastening nut. The two ends of the middle concrete screws are provided with a connecting external thread, and one end of the concrete screw is equipped with a connection internal thread to match the connecting external thread of the intermediate concrete screw. The connection between the middle concrete screw and the end concrete screw is covered with a tubular pad, the center of the pad is a retainer, and one end of the tubular pad is arranged along the circumference of a circle of axial columns, leaving gaps between each column. The end face of the gasket is equipped with a material-saving hole. This new type of water-stopping bolt is three concrete screws docked into one, in the process of use, because it can be disassembled into three segments, so we call it a new three-stage waterstop concrete screw.

Three-stage water-stopping concrete screws vertebral body connection

The wide application of the new water-stopping concrete screws of Songmao Building Materials in construction engineering and municipal engineering has improved the many drawbacks of the traditional water-stopping concrete screw in the construction of cast-in-place concrete.

For example, the use of traditional pull screws, the formwork is difficult to release the mold, the bamboo and wood formwork is damaged, the exposed concrete screw needs to be cut by gas; the construction process is numerous, and the waterproof performance is weakened. The new waterproof pull concrete screw, the exposed concrete screw at both ends can be recycled and recycled, the formwork can be released in a large area at one time, the ergonomics are increased by 10 to 20 times, the construction process is simplified, the construction cost is reduced, the structural impermeability is enhanced, and the construction quality and progress are effectively guaranteed, which is worth further promotion and application.

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